(2016) :

This 3D printed sculpture 3D, is the three-dimensional spectrogram of the voice of Neil Gershenfeld - American physicist and computer scientist, known for creating the concept of Fablabs - He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ), director of the Center for Bits and Atoms.

 The work was unveiled on March 8, 2016 at the Toulouse Fablab Artilect.


Neil GERSHENFELD recorded his voice to create the Work "WHAT IS FABLAB?" in which he gives his definition of FABLABS :

"FabLabs are a global network of local labs that are democratizing access to digital fabrications allowing anyone to make almost anything.

With the technical goal of FabLabs making FabLabs, together they are asking and answering how we will live, learn, work and play in a world where data can become things and things can become data."


Neil GERSHENFELD - February 6, 2016.


The history of the creation of "What is Fablab?"

Gilles AZZARO is one of the founding members of the Toulouse FabLab (France's first FabLab inaugurated in 2009).

The Toulouse FabLab ARTILECT continues to expand and a new component - ARTILECT LAB – was recently created to satisfy new professional requirements by accompanying the emergence of innovative technological projects.

For the occasion, ARTILECT LAB asked artist Gilles AZZARO to create a work that would be revealed to the public during the inauguration ceremony of the new work area named the “Salle des Machines".

In true FabLab tradition, a team of FabLab employees and volunteers joined forces to work on the project together:

Today, "What is Fablab?" is exhibited in the most appropriate place possible: In the very heart of the ARTILECT LAB Salle des Machines where it will remain.

The Team :
Left from right :
Pierre GAUTIER : Woodwork (FabLab ARTILECT) , Paul GRENET : Electronics (Fablab ARTILECT), Thomas GROUGON : Design (Artilect Lab), Xavier SCHAEFFER :programming (Fablab ARTILECT), Gilles AZZARO : Artist, Philippe SEMANAZ - Technical Guru : mechanical integration and programming (Artilect Lab).



Print Data :

Weight :   5 kgs
Recording Time :   21 secondes.
Dimensions :    
Lenght :   180 cm,
Width :   16,cm
Height :   16 cm

Overall Dimensions :

Dimensions :    
Lenght :   200 cm
Width :   - cm
Height :   - cm

Credits photos and vidéo : Kerry GAMON