The pendant “ LOVE IS THE ANSWER " is not a pendant like any others: it is a printed and signed work of art and the metaphysic 3D printed representation of the sentence " LOVE IS THE ANSWER ".

The shape of this piece is obtained by the 3D layout of the stereophonic sound waveforms of the words themselves. The thinking, message and inspiration behind the jewel reflect a desire to embrace life and love.

A modern message of universal Peace aimed at spreading common sense, joy, happiness, optimism in changing the way of thinking and exchanging Love using actions and positive thinking – the Art of Gilles Azzaro being an integrated element of it.

Gilles AZZARO focused on his most positive thoughts when designing LOVE IS THE ANSWER to ensure everyone can experience and share the same awareness, feeling and emotions. Listening to that inner voice to feel good and lead a better life is what LOVE IS THE ANSWER is all about.

Gilles created it to have a real impact on the World. He counters the destruction of nature by humans as a way to oppose their incommensurable dementia.

Here are the dogma:

- Live your dreams or try to make them happen,
- Dare because “it is impossible” is what you need to do,
- Create your own experiences : trying is better than hoping,
- Transform any experience into a positive one,
- Happiness is just on the other side of your fears,
- Realize that you can only see with your heart – Most is invisible to your eyes,
- Give to receive the best.

Humans are their own predators, responsible for many horrors, wars, injustices, cruelty and ignore what should animate our lives: Love.

" LOVE IS THE ANSWER " is a unique against-the-current creation, against what humans individualistically produce and consume.

Because 3D printing and overproduction and perfectly incompatible, your LOVE IS THE ANSWER will be printed for you and using only the materials you request.