Gilles AZZARO is a French digital artist born in 1966 in Casablanca.

To better define his work, he created the profession of "Sculpteur de Voix" (voice sculptor).

His works principally involve the three-dimensional materialization of voices and their audio reproduction.

Using cutting edge technologies he reveals the forms of the invisible, transforming and magnifying them into truly amazing lunar-like landscapes.

Gilles started out as a drummer and at the age of 17 he integrated MidiDrum System in Carcassonne (France) and worked on the development of the first digital drum machines.

In 1992 he completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Toulouse: Initiatives Culturelles & Nouvelles Technologies de la Création. In 1993, he entered the IRCAM institute for science about music and sound where he gave a talk on his research into MIDI sensors.

At the same time he began investigating the invisibility of sound and how sound moves through space.
Gilles AZZARO set out to devise a system for materializing sound as if sound was in fact visible. The project intensified and in 2006, Gilles received the IP “Matérialisation Tridimensionnelle en Déplacement de Formes Sonores / et ou Vidéo dans l'Espace”.

In 2006, he produced his first works, a line of jewelry incorporating laser engravings of 3D audio recordings.

In 2007, he thought up a new architectural concept whereby the shapes of buildings are determined by voice prints: words and phrases can design buildings, districts and towns..

While working on his artistic creations, he is also a member of the board and actively involved in the development of Artilect, France's very first FabLab in Toulouse in partnership with the MIT (for joint projects and the pooling of digital equipment)

In 2011, he organized his first exhibition “The Vision of a Sparkling Voice” – a collection of digital works containing audio recordings of phrases spoken by leading figures of the 20 th and 21 st centuries. The exhibition is interactive and by scanning the paintings, visitors hear the voices and follow the progression of the 3D representation of the voices on their smartphones.

The exhibition was displayed at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and the 104 gallery in Paris following a request made by the arts and culture Pompidou Centre.

In 2012 he also created his first voice sculpture withholding the words that are the basis to his research activities: “Pas une personne ne chante comme une autre, on peut comparer la voix aux empreintes digitales” (no one person sings like another, a voice is like a fingerprint).

Selected for 3D Printshow, it creates a new 3D printed sculpture, Next Industrial Revolution voiceprint President Barack Obama that was unveiled for the first time November 7, 2013 in London, and exhibited in Paris and New York in 2014.

On June 18th, 2014, Gilles AZZARO was invited to the White House to the first Maker Faire White House to present the Work
" Barack OBAMA - Next Industrial Revolution " to President OBAMA.